Bananas Wearing Lipstick

Documenting my experience on a high carb vegan lifestyle while wearing a lot of lipstick.

Since following Raw Till 4 I have been struggling with calories counting.  I don’t following RT4 but I still can’t shake calorie counting.  I used to eat very intuitively and lose weight without trying but now I feel so scared about calories.  Anyone have any advice?  Even though it’s been 3 months since stopping RT4 I am still getting over the mindset it put me in.  

kellagator asked: hi natasha! i have a question about yoga- is downward dog supposed to be easy? my instructors always hold it for like ten breaths and it hurts like crazy! also i know that yoga is based in flexibility but are your muscles supposed to feel like they're cramping when holding some of the poses? i only just started like a month ago and i'd asked my 'instructors' but i watch videos online!


Downward dog is actually pretty intense haha I’ve been doing yoga for like 6 months now and it still kills my shoulders and I can’t hold it longer than like 5 breathes without dying. You are meant to feel the stretch in yoga poses but if it is too uncomfortable or painful, you may be doing it wrong! Proper form and alignment is everything!

I practice Ashtanga yoga and I can tell you, Downward dog is definitely work for the core, shoulders, arms, quads, and hamstrings but it should not hurt.  It should feel like work for your muscles along with a nice stretch for the back but it shouldn’t feel impossible to hold.  I would recommend engaging the core, micro bend in the knees, putting your weight throughout your whole hand and making sure your elbows are not locked.   Also a slight roundedness in the shoulders  and upper back instead of collapsing them which is what most people do.  Hope this helps :).  

"Fruits are calorically sparse and nutritionally dense. Not mentally dense like folks who tell others to avoid them".

—Alan Aragon (via kazzsjourney)

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I NEED HELP WITH CALORIES/METABOLISM!  Does anyone know about calorie restriction for weight loss?  Preferably someone with experience with it.  For the past 2 months or so I created a slight calorie deficit to help me lose weight.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with calorie deficits as long as they are not extreme.  Anyway, it was working up until about 2 weeks ago.  Then this week I have not been creating this deficit I’ve just been eating more intuitively and I have not gained or lost “weight” but I have lost a little bit around my waist (like 1/4 of an inch)   I am six pounds away from my goal weight but I’m not sure what to do now.  Creating the calorie deficit doesn’t really seem necessary anymore.  Or maybe I should up it somedays and lower it others?  I don’t have enough knowledge about metabolism and how the body processes calories to determine what’s going on with my body.  I’ve also started doing more ab/quad/glute exercises which I think contributed to the inches lost.  Or maybe because I eat a low fat plant based diet the weight will take care of itself now?  Advice?